supervision & practice building


You did it.

You reached your goal of opening a private therapy practice. Congratulations! You’ve got your office set up, you’ve asked colleagues for referrals, you’ve joined the relevant list-serves in your area. After paying your dues in a clinic, hospital or other high stress environment, now you get to set your own hours, see your ideal clients, and run your business your way.

You expect to feel great, and you do, except...

  • What happens if a client comes in with something I can’t handle?

  • People keep saying to “get myself out there,” but what does that even mean?

  • Should I be on insurance panels? How much should I charge?

  • I feel exhausted and drained. What am I doing wrong?

  • Am I even any good at this?

The thing about starting your own practice is that now you are flying without a net.

You have to create the net yourself.

I can help.

Everyone runs into roadblocks on the road to a successful private practice. You will have blind spots; you will get stuck, and will need support in finding the way forward. Outside direction can get you on the right track. A supervisor can help you organize and grow, both as a clinician and as an entrepreneur,.

As a supervisor and mentor, I walk my clients through exactly what needs to be done in order to create a successful private practice, instead of a just-getting-by private practice. I keep my clients accountable for every step of the journey through combination of supervision, mentorship and cheerleading.

You became a therapist to change lives and have an impact, yes, but also to have control of your schedule, your income, your LIFE. Successful therapists love what they do, find the work engaging and dynamic, and are also able to set a rate and a schedule that that keeps them healthy and sane.

Clinical Supervision + Practice Building

Creating the Net

Good therapists can diagnose accurately, map out a treatment plan that offers direction and hope, move fluidly from behavioral modalities to humanistic work, and know when it makes sense to refer out or end treatment. You probably learned this in your clinical training, but now that you are on your own, you might have a hard time implementing these skills - especially with tougher cases. And the truth is, expertise is not static - it must be both built and sustained. Therapists are either investing in themselves, training and improving, or burning out and falling behind.

I can help you:

  • Hone your clinical judgment.

  • Teach you how to think about cases and trust your ability to do so.

  • Guide training decisions.

  • Build a client base.

  • Identify specialty areas based on your interests and your abilities.

  • Start writing up your ideas - both for marketing purposes and career advancement.

  • Avoid burnout, decrease of isolation and make your work more satisfying.

  • Invigorate your therapy work - both for you and your clients.

To succeed in private practice, professional guidance is not a luxury. It is the difference between limping along, doing mediocre work and struggling  to attract, sustain and help clients. Or doing exceptional work, staying engaged and developing a robust practice. When you know how to work effectively - your clients get better results. It’s as simple as that.

Let’s face it; the best way to be successful in private practice is to be an exceptional therapist.

I have been in private practice for eight years. Long enough to know what I’m doing, but not so long that I forgot what it’s like to be starting out. I was lucky to be successful right away, but I also felt overwhelmed often wiped out. Building a team of support - through expert supervision, case conferencing, training, and business mentorship was transformative for me. I have work and a business that I truly love. Nothing is more satisfying for me than passing on that gift to other clinicians. If you are hoping for similar results, it makes sense to invest in solid supervision.

You owe it to yourself, and your clients, to be as effective and successful as you can be.

Why wait put off getting the support you need? A year from now will come whether you’ve made the changes you want to see in your practice or not. Reach out today to see if Clinical Supervision + Practice Building, might be right for you.